Referred to as the “Hollywood of the South,” Covington has frequently appeared on screens big and small. The historically rich city takes pride in its hospitality and heritage, and it has been attracted homeowners for decades.

Your home in Covington is surrounded by a great community and should also be surrounded with peace of mind.

Whether you’re buying, selling or building a home, RAI delivers accurate information about your home in an affordable and timely manner. Our certified inspectors analyze the ins and outs of your property, and help you understand those results to aid in your decisions. We offer home inspections, mold air quality inspection service and pool and spa inspection.



Standard Inspections Start at $300


Standard Inspections Start at $300

RAI is familiar with Covington, Mansfield, Newborn, Oxford, Porterdale, Social Circle, Starrsville and the rest of Newton County and it’s surrounding areas.


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